What’s Crackin’. I’m Hatchin’!!!


Look there’s a crested one!


I can’t tell how many yet. I’m thinking seven.


I went out and put all the babies in a bucket. It seemed there were so many I was never going to stop counting. There were twelve!

These two had the biggest crests we have ever had on ducklings. That one in the front almost looks like it has a mohawk! I can’t remember how many were crested or not.

Mama Duck was unhappy, to say the least, and was running around puffed up screaming her head off. My daughter and I cornered her and reunited her with her babies in the big kennel in the backyard. They will stay there for about a week until they get a little stronger so they can run through the tall grass after their mom. Otherwise its a terminal game of marco polo in the grass.

I saw Jasper the naughty cat peering through the fence at the ducklings. I warned him stay away. He is an excellent hunter but needs to leave mama’s birds alone!

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