Struggling Financially

Well things have gotten even tighter money wise. I haven’t been sharing much on here but I do remember I promised to share the good, bad and the ugly. Financial struggles are sadly common in homesteading. You got at least two jobs in homesteading. Usually one person or both works outside the home. My hubby is a licensed Agriculture teacher. No jobs in the area so for a few years he worked away from home. He came home after being laid off while I was in my late stages of my last pregnancy. Turns out it was an answer to prayer because my health got worse and he was needed at home.
He took a huge cut in pay to take a Special Ed aide position at a local high school but it was a job.

He is burnt out from this job since he mentally and physically worn out. It probably wasn’t a good idea to work in special ed when we struggle with challenges of having a special needs child at home too. But worse than that we aren’t making it. God is seeing us through.
We have had quite a few bumps in the road this year. It’s all taking it’s toll on us. It’s hard to not lash out at each other. And boy it’s happened. I even thought of leaving my husband. The devil and society makes it easy to lie to yourself it will be easier. Better. Thankfully God changed my heart and mind to a recommitment to my husband. I will never even entertain the thought of that again. Just the stress of it all on top of what would normally be stressful, having two children with disabilities.

It also has made us question are we doing the right thing, homesteading. Are we hurting ourselves in any way? I feel the answer is definitely no at this point. But you seriously have to question yourself at times. Why do.Uk want to do this? What sacrifices are we making? Is everyone on the same boat? And I will say this. If you are struggling there is nothing wrong with starting over later. If you have to postpone your goals and dreams please don’t beat yourself up about it. We keep reducing our livestock numbers. Just keeping it as small as possible. No big garden this year or the past two but anything is progress. I really hope if you are reading this and are beating yourself up as to where you want to be, please don’t.

As to our financial situation. There’s so many worries we struggle with. Some of the most freshest in our minds are: need new local job for hubby, had to evict renters. Need to make repairs and find a new one fast. Now behind on both house notes. Both vehicles need to be replaced or repaired. They don’t start most the time. Tow truck actually coming to get the van today. No air conditioning in the van. Hubby’s truck tires are blowing one by one and can’t afford to replace. Two months in a row had to go to court six hours away. Had to appear even though had to use half house payment to make trip. And they don’t reimburse for gas or rental car. Health needs I can’t afford to take care of. Septic leaking bad. Oh and our food stamps lapsed. That $189 accounted for a lot of our food. I’m not whining but I’ve honestly thrown quite a few pitty parties for myself lately. I am sharing the person info because I promised I would. And also as what I believe will be a testimony one day. Look what God has done for us!

Does it mean we will come out unscarred? No. We aren’t in Heaven yet. But I seriously and wholeheartedly believe we will come out in a better place at the end.

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