My First Livestock Auction

We brought our buck Trey to the livestock barn last night for todays sale. We were done with him and need another bloodline to breed with now. Here we are loading him into the back of the van. Lol! We don’t have a trailer.


Today I went to my first livestock auction ever. My baby son’s first one too! Here he is watching taking it all in. Watching the people, and the baby calves running through.


Then it was Trey’s time in the pen.


He came running out looking all around so scared. I know he was looking for us. He didn’t see us and thank God I’d have lost all my composure and showed what a softy I really was if he had come to see us and yelled “Daaaddd!” Would have been a blubbering mess. He didn’t see us though.

Everyone was quiet. I asked my husband why. He said the auctioneer looking at his notes I think. At that the auctioneer pointed to me and said “Little lady can you tell us what we are looking at here?” I stood up and answered ” He’s a third generation mini alpine out of Suzy Minke’s line” At that there was murmering from the spectator’s and then the auctioneer was off. Two people bid and he sold for $70. That’s pretty fair being its breeding off season and not being sold with papers. Thankfully he is going to a guys farm to breed to his Nubians. So Trey getting some new girls. Nice to know he wasn’t headed off to Mexico or something.

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