Vintage Metal Chair Refinish Part 1


I bought a pair on vintage metal chairs for only $12 each. I’ve wanted a full set of these all my life! They were so cheap because they needed paint and had dent in each seat. I went out a bit ago with a hammer and with a few smacks the dent popped back into place!! Whoa!

I started by taking a wire brush and a metal scraper and removed all the loose paint and roughed up the finish all over. My plan was to unbolt it and paint each piece then reassemble but the bolts have rusted into place. Oh well.

After throughly roughing up and scraping, and my arm about falling off, I got a quality white primer spray paint and painted all over the bottom of the chair and legs. I’m letting that dry before I flip it over and paint the other side. Just the bottom part including legs took almost a whole can of primer. This is not going to be a cheap of a project as I thought but at least I’m using a paint that will last and protect.



I just went out and flipped chair over and primered the front. I live this paint. It actually fills in any imperfections on the surface!

And here are the two chairs side by side. The one on the right now fully primered. Amazing!

I wrapped the arms in plastic and tape. I almost forgot to take a picture so that is why you see some paint on the bottom.

Then I did first coat of paint starting with the bottom and back.P I Using Rustoleum 2X spray paint in Satin color Lagoon. After that dried then I did a second coat. After that dried I set it upright. My husband came along and joined in on the fun.
I let him put two coats on with drying between. Here is the photo of it now. I’m gonna let it cure overnight and see if it needs another coat of paint in the morning.

Stay tuned to see how they turn out!

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