A Little Bargain Decor Change

You know us girls. Gotta have things looking nice. Well try to anyway with our tiny budget. Our last couch ate our rear ends. In other words it looked nice but when you sat down your knees where higher than your hips Lol. I wanted to save for a new one but our gas stove just went out and the leak it had drained all out propane out of our tank. So new couch was the last priority.

Well last night I got a text from a lady who had posted a nice couch for sale on Facebook. She needed it gone tonight and was willing to except $25 for it. Whoa!


So we ran and got it. Wowwie! Fancy to us! Turns out they were having a new one delivered in the morning so it was in the way. What a blessing!

Also we did some work in the kids bathroom. I found a mis-tint can of paint in just the right shade for a $1! I bet that perfect of a match won’t ever happen again Lol! Look how well it matches the shower curtain we already had. No more prison wall grey as my daughter called it.




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