Spring Planting 2013 Has Started

It’s been a very busy weekend. On saturday we had a few teenagers show up to help up us put up the garden fence and pick up the rent house yard. I worked the burn pile, burning the leftovers of the two trees we cut down a week ago. I saved the biggest logs for campfires later and some of the straightest limbs to make a trellis. Here is a picture of the fence poles to the garden.


My hubby rented a tiller on Saturday and got to work on the garden. Here we are taking a break watching Daddy.

The next day we stayed home from church to try to finish as much as we could before we had to return the tiller. Here is a picture of the garden so far.

Here is our six year old son planting onions.

I started planting the mustard greens bed with some of the seed tapes I made. Wow was that easier! I’ll let you know how they turn out. I am putting a frame of giant red mustard with green wave mustard in the center. Ought to be a real striking combination. I’m thinking I might do another frame further in or just a solid square of the red giant in the center.
Oh and my daughter mended the holes in the chicken pens so some chicken catching will happen tonight. Just gotta find the fish net and also clip some wings. Ought a be a blast.

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