Making Seed Tapes

I tried something new and I’m making seed tapes. That way you can glue the seeds on toilet tissue already spaced correctly. No waste and less work outside. If you’re smart you could even do these way ahead of time so by planting time you are all ready to go.

First you read you seed packet about correct seed placement. I was doing red giant mustard so it needed to be spaced 3″ apart. Then you roll out a length of toilet paper, place dots of glue and with tweezers place the seeds on the dot of glue. Then place another length of toilet tissue on top to sandwich the seeds between.

Then be sure you hang to dry. I had them laying on my vinyl floor and it stuck to it. Whoops! I then got smarter and hung from the shower curtain rod in the bathroom. Afterwards I rolled some up on an empty toilet paper roll and put some to sell folded up in a baggy. The toilet paper roll worked great because I just rolled out what I needed then covered with soil.

If this works like they say it does, man this will definitely be the way to go! Less waste of seed. Less time bent over on the ground. Just less time all around! I’m thinking of selling some of these at a gardening show at our local museum in April.




3 responses to this post.

  1. So cool and useful!


  2. hmmm, may have to try this thanks for sharing…


  3. Reblogged this on Chapstick Goddess and commented:
    great idea, may have to try it


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