Busy Saturday 03/11/2013

This morning we headed out to a friends house in Dublin to pick up a 16′ hanging rabbit cage. We had to cut it in half to get it in the truck. Then we headed to eat lunch with a friend but the cages blew out on the highway. So after we retrieved then and tied them down even more securely we finally went to lunch.

After lunch I went to Dollar Tree. I used a bunch of coupons and got a lot free. The bill was $45.06 and I only spent $15.48.


Then we headed to pick up a free tarp that was a messed up sign we are gonna use for covering the pens. And picked up some staples from the hardware store.

After a brief catching our breath we went out to the garden. I finished planting the mustard seed. Planted the cauliflower. My son planted onions. Then my daughter helped me roll out the black plastic that will be the walkways we will cover with mulch.





My husband started building a broader for the chicks. They are growing so fast.

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