Clothesline Construction is Hanging Me Up.

So I decided I wanted a clothesline. I’m always buried in laundry and the washer always finished before the dryer. My backyard is too narrow, not putting it in the pasture and not putting in the front yard. I’d scare my renters away. Lol.

I’ve never has one so I just figured it out on my own.


Baling wire, part of a dog lead, “S” hook and a pulley. I used a scrap of chain for other side, a few “s” hooks, and another pulley for the other. I then went out and bought a cotton clothesline and a clothesline tensioner.

After putting it up. Pulling the clothesline as tight as it would go. I tested it out. It didn’t move smoothly. Was rubbing on the casing to the pully. My hubby got some baling wire and tied it to the bottom of pully and tied it back where it didn’t swivel.

Excitedly I started to load the clothesline. It quickly started dropping. Hubby pulled the clothesline even tighter. Could have played it like a guitar. Well I finished loading the clothes and here’s what it looked like. Sigh. Clothes dragging the ground. No Bueno. 😦 Going to have to keep working on my design.


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