New Brooder Idea (Part 1)

Check this out. We made this awesome broader for next to nothing! We made the frame out of reclaimed lumber we got for free. The tarp we got from a sign company for free. It measure 3ft tall and 20 ft long. Since our frame ended up measuring 5’3″x 6ft we were a little short on tarp. So my husband fitted a piece of scrap plywood on that side. Eventually we will put a side door there.




He then cut tin to fit 2/3s of the top. As you might see in the photos, he was at first going to use one piece of scrap tin but decided on the other heavier barn tin to use instead. Yes we realize the brooder is just practically a big box kite. Haha. With our heavy winds this will have to be tied down. He cut to size the tin. Applied hindges to a scrap frame I kept. It was once the facer to a cupboard. The cupboard was falling apart and as I was braking it down for the burnpile I thought the frame might become useful later and saved it. It makes for a good top door. I had a scrap piece of welded wire fence. I folded over to make the holes smaller. I then started using too big of steeples to nail it in and it started to split the wood. So we will have to fix it tomorrow. As for tonight we weighted down the loose side so nothing could get in. We added shavings, two lights and the feeders and waterers. And finally the chicks. Oh wow it was chaos at first. Not sure what to think. Then they found their lights and fell asleep.


We will be making more improvements tomorrow hopefully. I’ll also take more photos of the inside and outside. It got too dark to show good photos.

Here is some more photos


The 2x4s are just sitting on top. Should have removed before taking picture.


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