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Willow Branch Lattice

I made a willow branch lattice. I used bailing wire to secure the limbs to each other. I built it to shade the tomato plants from our harsh afternoon sun. I planted cucumber seeds so they can grow up the lattice. I really hope it works. If not it still looks nice.





Xeroscaping Project

My daughter and I are working on a Xeroscape garden at each corner of our driveway. Xeroscape plants require very little water and are drought tolerant. Since we don’t have money in the budget for plants I have been collecting plants from friends. So far I got lots of baby agave, a few spineless cactus, and one red yucca. I’d really like to get more bricks to line it but will make do with what we have. Until I get the dirt level raised (the bed in kinda a low spot) I transplanted the baby agave in my daughter’s flower bed. Hopefully she won’t mind. 🙂

Planting Flowers

We went to visit my family down on the coast. So jealous of their ease of growing things there. My daughter was given a bunch of plants, bulbs and even a few baby trees. Here she is happily filling the empty flower bed


Second Seed Order of the Year

I’m already on the second seed order of the year! Here’s what I ordered.


Super Sioux, Auld Sod, Bradley, Hanky Red & Homestead

Danvers 126 Carrot, National Pickling Cucumber, Seventop Turnip, Cylindra Beet, Daikon Radish, & two bulk seed bags of Common Vetch. And my free packet of Table Gold Squash.

Busy Saturday 03/11/2013

This morning we headed out to a friends house in Dublin to pick up a 16′ hanging rabbit cage. We had to cut it in half to get it in the truck. Then we headed to eat lunch with a friend but the cages blew out on the highway. So after we retrieved then and tied them down even more securely we finally went to lunch.

After lunch I went to Dollar Tree. I used a bunch of coupons and got a lot free. The bill was $45.06 and I only spent $15.48.


Then we headed to pick up a free tarp that was a messed up sign we are gonna use for covering the pens. And picked up some staples from the hardware store.

After a brief catching our breath we went out to the garden. I finished planting the mustard seed. Planted the cauliflower. My son planted onions. Then my daughter helped me roll out the black plastic that will be the walkways we will cover with mulch.





My husband started building a broader for the chicks. They are growing so fast.

A Different Idea to Germinate Tomatoes

I think I’ll try this this year. Tomato plants so fussy with their roots being messed with when seedlings and I never can poke them out of plug trays without them wilting.


The method below describes a very good way to start tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. This is a tried and true method; been doing this for years and it gives the best results.

1. Sow seeds close to each other in a shallow container (about 2 inches deep). Add soil to Start Seeds Peppers 2013just cover the seeds. Keep moist and warm.

2. When seeds germinate, place in a warm sunny location, keep moist but do not over water.

3. After the first true leaves appear, choose the best plants and gently transplant into individual containers (learn how to make biodegradable newspaper pots).  Place the plants as deep into the soil as the first leaves – the stem will grow roots.

4. Transplant into the garden when soil is warm and there is no more frost expected. For peppers and eggplants, dig a hole large enough to hold the container. Cover the hole…

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Making Seed Tapes

I tried something new and I’m making seed tapes. That way you can glue the seeds on toilet tissue already spaced correctly. No waste and less work outside. If you’re smart you could even do these way ahead of time so by planting time you are all ready to go.

First you read you seed packet about correct seed placement. I was doing red giant mustard so it needed to be spaced 3″ apart. Then you roll out a length of toilet paper, place dots of glue and with tweezers place the seeds on the dot of glue. Then place another length of toilet tissue on top to sandwich the seeds between.

Then be sure you hang to dry. I had them laying on my vinyl floor and it stuck to it. Whoops! I then got smarter and hung from the shower curtain rod in the bathroom. Afterwards I rolled some up on an empty toilet paper roll and put some to sell folded up in a baggy. The toilet paper roll worked great because I just rolled out what I needed then covered with soil.

If this works like they say it does, man this will definitely be the way to go! Less waste of seed. Less time bent over on the ground. Just less time all around! I’m thinking of selling some of these at a gardening show at our local museum in April.