Duck Mishaps

Well I had the ducks penned up in a kennel do I could put numbered leg bands on each one and keep track of our population. Also if I sold any in the future I wanted to make sure Im not splitting up mating pairs.

Well I bought some plastic leg bandettes in the size recommended for my ducks. In less than 10 minutes two had them off just running through the grass. Wasted money. I’m gonna have to get the zip tie ones next time. And catch them up again. Sigh.

Oh and this morning I found seven sad looking ducks waterlogged in the water trough. They couldnt jump out. It was like they were saying “Hey a little help here!” I easily helped six of them out. The seventh paniciked splashing duck poop water all over me. Thankfully my mouth was closed. Ugh. I was soaked and smelled lovely.

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