Crafty Weekend

This week I have been feeling very crafty and well with a fridge full of goat milk you gotta use it or loose it. I made a batch of goats milk soap on Sunday



Then made two pots of cheese. We flavored with Italian herb blend. We made three containers of a spreadable cheese for crackers and veggies, and one cheese my daughter molded.


This is us storing the milk until boiling. That little pot in the back is boiling my handkerchiefs I use for straining the cheese.


Here is the big bowl of herbed cheese mixture.


This is all the whey left over. We made whey lemonade with it. Yum!


This is a picture of my daughters experimental cheese press. “Jenga!” She yelled when she used the cups to balance the weight.


Here is her molded cheese the next day. I then took some unflavored goat cheese I made earlier and experimented to see if I could replace cream cheese in a strawberry cheesecake cobbler I saw on Pinterest. It worked great. So great I didn’t get a picture of it when it came out of the oven.


Then later that night I tried homemade baby wipes ya know with the paper towels cut in half. Works great!

Then on Monday I cut the soap into bars. I still need more practice on cutting perfect soap. The bars will now cure for 6 weeks.

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