Rouen Ducks ARE Broody

I never could find a clear answer online so I just assumed they weren’t a broody breed. I mean they are technically a meat bird. Well I started missing duck eggs. And for a bit we were missing Crest the most dominant Rouen hen. Then we saw her one day and were relieved she wasn’t missing afterall.
So yesterday while the guys were working on the new chicken pen I went to search through the weeds for the missing eggs. Where had they started laying? I looked everywhere but then I looked in an unused hutch in the garden area and surprise there was Crest sitting on a best of eggs and wow was she seriously brooding!


I got bit but I stole two eggs from her and went to the house to candle them. I figure she has about two weeks left. I had my daughter return the eggs to the mama. And warned the boys to leave her alone. I might just build a temporary pen in front of the hutch to keep them safe once they hatch from other cats and hawks.

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