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Vintage/New Porch Swing Cushions

I got a porch swing from my hubby last Christmas. It was great but needed cushions. I can’t afford to pay for high dollar cushions so I made my own. First I found the perfect vintage curtain fabric at a yard sale for $1!


Then I bought a full size egg crate mattress topper and cut in half. Then I folded those two pieces in half and weighted down with heavy books overnight until the creased well. The next day I ran a strip of silicone across the long side. Then I weighted them down till it dried. So now I had two double thick cushions.

Next thing I did was with a seam ripper remove all stitching and pleating from the curtains. Then I washed them to get the starch and the mothball smell out of them. And prayed they didnt fall apart. They are a cotton blend linen.

Came out fine so I shook the wrinkles out and hung on the line. After they were dry I laid the fabric out on the floor and measured the fabric out and folded over like wrapping a present. Only difference was tucking in raw edges. My sewing machine is out of needles so the long horizontal seam I fastened with permenant fabric glue. For each smaller in I hand sewed each side in a hem stitch.

I set them on the bench and noticed the two layers shifted in the cushion. So I found the thick quilting thread and tacked the layers together in three places on each cushion. Later I will add ties and maybe make some coordinating throw pillows. Ta Dah! Total cost $1 vintage fabric $11 foam mattress pad (egg crate). Silicone, thread and needle I had already.