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Research! Research! Research!


It’s been so crazy around here I’m catching up on posts. I might have referred to it in another post not sure but we recently found out the turkeys we bought last early summer are not Narragansetts. They are full blood bronze instead.

You see we bought that large bunch of poultry for a great price from a guy who was very well known on a large poultry group I’m a part of. He is such an “expert” on poultry I took his word for what breed and condition everyone was.

The Delawares I got never laid one egg.and quickly died from the stress of the heat. I really think they were over age two. The marans did well. Lost some of them to heat and ended up selling them recently. They were great quality, just disapointed with the lower rate of lay of other breeds and the high amiunt of food they required to get those few eggs.

The turkeys that he said where.Narragansetts I advertised our extras for sale as Narragansetts. Even though, I know know he was untruthful I still made back my money on the birds and still consider it a bargain.

It did come back to bite us in the butt though. We sold a mature tom to a guy north of the metroplex. Hubby met the guy halfway and sold the tom for $50 which is on the lower end of average. The guy loved the tom and even he (who said had a Narragansetts hen) didn’t say anything about him not being that breed.

About two weeks after I bragged about Hoss my “Narragansetts tom” on a homesteading group and posted his picture. Quickly I was corrected by a few people saying Hoss was a full blood bronze! A few people posted pics of their Narragansetts. Honestly their pics all differed. Still not sure what conformation coloring is for that breed but what realization that came to me after viewing what seemed to be an identical picture of Hoss on was that I did have bronze and that the guy I so trusted had lied.

I was so confused. I am usually so good at doing my research but this time I dropped the ball by trusting someone elses knowledge above my own. That night as I was almost asleep, still mentally kicking myself in the butt I then realized “Oh No! I sold that tom as a full blood  Narragansetts!” I wasn’t sure what to do. I hoped the guy didn’t want his money back. With hubby out of work we didn’t have it to refund him. Even though I hadn’t lied to the guy, I truely didn’t know, I felt horribly guilty. We no longer had his number so I just prayed he wouldn’t want his money back and continue to be happy with the tom.

About a month later the guy who bought the tom called. He had had state come out to inspect because he wanted to sell poultry commercially. The inspector told him that his tom was a bronze. He was calling us to tell us his discovery. Hubby told him we had recently found out ourselves. The guy was not mad, thank God. He just wanted to let us know. He said he is disapointed because of how good a bird he is but he really needed a full blood Narragansetts so will be selling him. Hubby apologized to the guy and everything ended up fine.

Could have gone bad quickly, but it didn’t. I told you in the beginning I would post the good, bad and the ugly of our homesteading adventure. Here is one of the ugly. It’s embarrasing but hopefully others won’t repeat my mistake of taking an experts word for something and always double check.

I’m still very proud of Hoss my BRONZE tom and his group of girls. I can’t wait to incubate and brood a bunch of his offspring.