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My Late Winter Seed Shopping List

Here is a lust of the things I want to purchase for planting on or around Feb 1st.

Cylindra Beets

Georgia Collard Greens

Charleston Wakefield Cabbage

Late Dutch Cabbage

Red Acre Cabbage

Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli

Snowball Self Blanching Cauiliflower

Danvers Half long Carrots

Golden Ball Turnip

Purple Top Turnip

Seven Top Turnip

Red Giant Mustard

Greenwave Mustard

Giant Noble Spinach

Red Burgandy Onion Seed

1015 Onion seed

Evergreen Bunching Onion seeds

Daikon Radish

Common Vetch

And for planting after frost ends April???

Red Proso Millet


I plan of making some square beds this year for a change and using the mustard as a colorful border around each. I’m planning on raising more greens for our animals this spring. Maybe ever dehydrate them or freeze them for later. I hope I won’t be too late growing Cauliflower and broccoli from seed. I’m gonna start in my plug trays in clear underbed boxes that make great greenhouses. I’m gonna try out a new turnip this year Golden Ball. Hoping my family will like this better than the purple top. We use them like mashed potatoes. I’m also gonna try Seven Top which is more greens than root. I’ve heard is mild tasting but still is a good animal feed. Speaking about animal feed you GOTTA read about Daikon Radish! I had no idea it was filled with so many vitamins! I’m not a fan of radish except for marking plant rows. You know that trick right? But if I grow daikon plus add some type of protein & carb it sounds like it’d be a complete feed mixture. Who’d have thought?!

I’m getting the common vetch as a cover crop. Did you know common vetch is 25% protein when dried??!! Hopefully it will choke out some of the weeds in the garden while adding nitrogen to the soil where we usually plant corn. Later I will rotate and try buckwheat as a green manure/cover crop. I’m told its a quick crop to raise. Search past articles to see my post on this topic.