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Newspaper Article June 2012


Here is the article the local newspaper wrote about our family. Not sure how long the link will work.

Homesteading & Pregnancy

I don’t talk much about my pregnancy on here since I keep this as a homesteading subject blog. But just to let you know I’m big fat and wide now at 30 weeks pregnant and having some complications of preterm labor and gestational diabeties.

It’s very frustrating homesteading and being very pregnant. I wonder how my ancestors did it. Out the window I see so many unfinished projects that need to be done. Honestly nothing thats a huge deal but just for me a nagging reminder of stuff I’ve left undone.
I remind myself that I’m not being lazy and my job is to keep this kid baking. There will be time enough to work on more projects. And yes they never end. So I walk away from my window and take it easy on the couch to.continue doing the most important job I can, making sure this little guy is born healthy.





There are wildfires in the counties all around us. I only know of one so far the was in our county. There is a huge one up near Mineral Wells and its smoke is covering our sky. There is ash falling from the sky. Here are some pictures from today. One of the pictures is my fingers after doing some weeding in the garden.

Ducks & Geese Big Move




We moved the big metal cage. We made sure all the holes were covered up. Then we moved their feeder, waterer, and water bowl with the brick in it. Later today we will add a dog crate for a house and tonight their heat lamp if they need it at night.

They are so excited they are running around like mad. They couldnt run in their old pen. They seem like they dont know whats better splashing in their bowl or just running around.

“New” Rabbit Hutch



We picked up this rabbit hutch from a friend for only $10! It even has the nest boxes attached in the back. I think I might paint the outside though. Still not quite sure how to disinfect it though. Any ideas? Or do I need to since its been empty for a while?

Tuesday March 8, 2011

My hubby is home from work this week. Its spring  break for his school district. Yesterday we didn’t get much accomplished so today we plan on getting some things done. Lets see how much we accomplish. I also have my camera charged up and going to take more pictures so you can see how a few of our projects have turned out and how much the babies are growing.

Chicks in the Chick-n-Barn


Inside view of chick barn. Oops we are out of water already!

Back of barn (the lawn chairs you see in the back is what I sit in when I let the baby goats out to run around)

Side view of nest access holes also door "roof" opens above for access. I have it latched down so goats don't get in.

Another view of same side of barn. Also notice I had to"jack up" the barn a little since the accidentally sent me the wrong size pen. Also notice latch to the barn and pen so it cannot be detached easily

This the front of the Premium Chick-n-Pen. Notice door on front. Also top is hinged to open too. Front door of barn is open. We are still using "winter doors" on the barn but later will use the screened "summer doors"

This is the other side of the pen. Notice another door on side. Also top is hindged to open here too but is blocked from opening by top overhang. Also this side of barn does not have the nest access holes BUT does also have the roof open up.


I SEEEEE YOUUU! (Fauna) I was trying to take pictures to update my animal census. After too many pictures like this I gave up until I had help to hold them

Picture of Friedrich two nights before he died. We still don't know what attacked him. We are thinking a dog or an owl tried to carry him off. My favorite picture of him wrapped up in my lap.

Spring Garden is Planted! Cylindra beets, three kinds of onions, spinach, carrots and peas


Lot’s of New Happenings!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. So let me update you. Tueday we were suppossed to take the pig to the butcher but we tried everything and could not get her to load. So we rescheduled. As for the chicks they are doing great. And Ideal replaced all the lost ones like promised. And today a friend and I went to a feed store and picked up four ducks and two geese. One duck later died. I really hope the geese are a sexed pair. They are different sizes from one another and same age so a good chance.

Also tomorrow we go to get two of our new nubian goats. The first two which we will get tomorrow are bottle fed babies and two weeks old. We will have to travel a little bit further than McKinney to get them but they will be worth it. And on Sunday we will travel to Boyd, TX to buy two other yearlings. We won’t take them home that day since we will be having them bred. We will pick them up in a few weeks. Lots of preparations. I need to find out what size nipples and bottles they are used to. I also have to fix up a small pen area to our metal port-a-hutch so the babies will stay contained. So excited! I guess it was worth selling off so many of our herd afterall. I will post pics as soon as I get permission from their breeder since they legally own the photos right now.

Updated: An Animal Census of Types (who’s who on the farm)



Addie and a past baby


Lisil a mini-togg doe


Chrissy a Toggenburg doe


Trey, our herd buck a mini-alpine


Nala our mini-alpine doe


Nala with her babies Jasmine & Simba

Shortcake's buck Starry Night "Star"

Shprtcake's buck Sonny Day "Sonny"

Shortcake a mini-alpine doe

Bluebonnet a Lamancha doe



Blue our lead Jenny (female donkey)


Fudge Blue's baby Jack from 2010


My Beloved Buff Orpingtons


Clifford our Sweet Rhode Island Red Rooster



My favorite hen, a Delaware


One of my banty hens

Six day old Chicks



Our one last lavender guinea



Ranger, our Merriam's tom turkey

Cookie a californian doe

Whopper a californian buck

Twix a californian doe
palm hen
One of three Royal Palm hens

Kiki, our diva cat


minnie mouse

Minnie Mouse, our best mouser


Cali "Cali Baby", our petite lovebug



Linus, our great pyrennes


Scout, my aussie



Toby, my daughter's boxer puppy



Ivory, our Chester White Gilt (headed to butcher tomorrow)

My Chicks Are Here!

My Chicks are here!

My chicks are here!

I got the call at 5:30 am that they had just arrived but they asked me to come at 8am when the open. I guess they dont let people come to the backdoor before opening anymore. Anyway, I lost only 6 in shipment. I called Ideal and  they will be replacing those few next week! Although when I got back in from the barn I found two more dead. So I called Ideal back and told  them I might want to wait to put in the order until I knew how many I’d loose today. They were so weet told me to wait until Monday to call and give a final total  then. Oh and hurry up and order your Buff Orphs. They are already over sold and running low on stock for the rest of the year!

Snug as a chick in a warm brooder

There are double the amount I planned on having in the brooder. You see  two co workers of my husband asked to add their order in with ours. And since they got here a day later than we thought we will have to chick sit through the weekend. They are doing great though and not too over crowded. Doing great and doing that wonderful content mumbling peep I love. It’s like they are whispering or mumbling to one another.

A CHeep Hug

This is a picture I took when I first put them in their brooder. They were cold from the car ride so they snuggled together under the light. Now that they are warmed they are walking around and eating and drinking a little. I keep checking to make sure everyone is staying out of the water. No swimming drinking only needs to be the sign. I need to get some marbles to put in there to keep that from happening.

Ready & Waiting for the Chicks

Brooder pen ready and waiting

I have the pen ready and waiting for the chicks to arrive early in the morning. Sugar water ready in  the waterer and I’ll fill the feeder as soon as I get the call. Last time I ordered chicks (like 3 years ago) I got the call from the PO at 6:30 am. I have been told some people get called as early as 3:30 am. I guess it just depends on how long the workers can handle hearing the loud chirping. Well its midnight. Headed to bed with my cell phone on the table beside me. So excited it feels like Christmas eve or something. Of course I will post pics as soon as I have them settled in.

Update: It’s 7:32 the next morning. I just called PO and they said they didn’t arrive on today’s truck so it will be tomorrow. (sigh) Oh well, I’ll dump the sugar water out and refill again tonight.