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Goslings Died

Yesterday was a very busy day. Swim lessons, doc appt, and sports camp. All animals had water and shade. At 5:30 hubby went and checked everyones water one more time. Geese were alive then. Temp at that time was 102. He came back home at 6:30, but didn’t get outside till later. By then all three geese had died but the turkey poult in same pen was weak.

We brought turkey inside let it cool off and drink cool water. They had water it was just very hot heated by the sun. I guess it was like drinking coffee when you’re already overheated. I guess if we have to use a closed waterer (white gallon plastic container screwed on red bottom) instead of a rubber tub like the other pens, we need to change out water a few times in heat. Sounds like its already time to start the sprinklers wetting down the pens. I can’t believe they are gone. I just wanna cry.



We traded my son’s mini lop rabbit a month ago to a friend who had a goose sitting on some eggs. We hoped to get some African goslings once they hatched. Well here they are! Born last friday. They seem to grow everyday. My son named them Frankie, Stuart Little and House. Gosh, the names kids come up with. Really hoping at least one is a girl.