Bartering Chicken Style

One of my friends new to chicken raising ordered some rare chocolate orpington bantam eggs but wasn’t quite confident with her new incubator yet. So I agree to incubate four chocolate orpinton eggs and three silky eggs. In the agreement whatever hatches she will match it with buff orpington chicks for me. So win win. I candled them along with my own duck and chick eggs today. All but four of mine are doing good.

Another trade in the works on a grander scale is another friend wants to raise chickens in the city and they allow it but the guidelines and rules makes it very close to impossible. So she asked if she could keep her future flock here. They will buy me chicks in trade. They will also upgrade our spare pen and build a small chicken house for their birds. They will buy feed for the birds. I will just brood, provide the pen and feed their birds when they need me. I’m sure they will share their extra eggs with us. If there ever is a such thing. Lol. They have a big family like ours.

We’ve already worked out our order sheet. Looks like we will have to go with Cackle Hatchery since McMurray and Ideal are out of some of the breeds we want.

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