Highchair Refinishing Part 4


Here is the highchair I traded for a few months back. I’m keeping ya’ll up to date on this longer than I thought process. Whew! Now the poly is on over the stain. Very nice! I still have to do a light sanding on the seat bottom because some air bubbles popped up and made it a little rough. I’d like to get it as smooth as glass if possible. I alsi need to poly the bottom of the seat and stool. I know no one will see the undersides but I want to make sure its good and sealed so it can be used for decades to come.



It’s been so tough with no highchair to use. The baby is gonna hate being in his chair after having so much freedom. Lol. I can’t wait to see it all done

Well I was so excited to use the highchair I used it anyway even though directions said wait 24 hrs to cure before use. So ya know they were right in this case. A wet cheerios stuck to the seat. When we cleaned it off the cheerios took a bit of the stain and poly with it. Darn.


He loves having his highchair back!

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