A Clean Idea ~ Orange & Clove Vinegar

I read about this somewhere on Facebook. I can’t remember who posted it. Anyway, with Maddy going into surgery soon the idea of deep cleaning is heavy on my mind. My kids love to eat oranges and clementines “Cuties”. So since we have peels around anyway what a great way to use them.

I already use the vinegar and baking soda trick to freshen the drains and had heard vinegar is great for cleaning things other than just hardwater remover. I just hated using because of the smell. I found out vinegar is actually a disinfectant. Cool beans! And if you soak a bunch of orange peels in a jar of vinegar it will not only boost the cleaning power because of the orange oil but it also cuts most of the vinegar smell leaving a nice citrus scent instead. I thought I must try this! I also added a few whole cloves because I read the cloves are actually a antimicrobial.


Here’s a picture of the two jars we made today. One this morning. One this afternoon. I opened the one made earlier and it actually smells nice. Wow! The directions said let steep for two weeks then strain and pour vinegar solution into a spray bottle. You can dilute with water if you like. Its great for countertops, walls, windows and all general cleaning. I wonder if its okay for ceramic tile floors or our vinyl wood plank flooring. I guess I’ll have to find out!

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