Refinishing Highchair Part 1


My son’s highchair. I love it! One of my proudest trades. I traded a small portable cage made out of angle iron plus a medium size dog house for this wooden Eddie Bauer highchair plus three shovels a few months ago. Already showing some wear and the lacquer is chipping off in fine pieces like glitter on the seat. Can see the light spots on the seat bottom? That’s now bare unprotected wood.

I love this chair! I took the picture after I removed the plastic part that holds on the tray. As you can partly tell it’s a convertible highchair. With the plastic part off like this its a tall stool. And if you unbolt the seat part it becomes a booster seat and the base is like a restraunt highchair without a tray. Cool beans huh? Now you see why I feel this chair is worth protecting for hopefully many many more years of use.


I went and bought a dremel brand sanding tip that looks like an abrasive sponge. It worked amazingly but soon wore down to a nub. Well there goes the thought that one 2 pack would do it all. So some hand sanding with 220 grit and a wood block.


Slow going but here is two days later. I then caved and bought another two pack of the Dremel abrasive puff things.

And here it is the day after. Slow going for sure.

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