Daughter’s Surgery Has Been Moved Up

As some long time readers may remember my teenage daughter has a degenerative joint condition and scholiosis. Her spine is now at a 66° curve so they will be putting rods in and fusing her back. She is very excited to get this done. That and its possible she’ll be taller but her biggest hope is to be in less pain. I pray it will all go well and not be disapointed by the results.

Her surgery was scheduled for the end of January but they called yesterday to check if we knew her surgery had been moved up. Umm no… Well her pre op is the 2nd and the surgery is the 7th. We have to check back in the night before. I will be away from the farm and my babies for a week. Ack! How’s my hubby gonna handle it all. And more importantly how am I gonna handle being away from my youngest. I’ve never been away from him this long yet. Sniff Sniff.

I’ll keep ya’ll updated if you like. This definately puts a halt on other projects I’m working on on the farm. But my daughters health and happiness is so worth it.

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