Briarrose Died


A few weeks ago Briarrose, one of my Nubian goats, miscarried. We immediately penned her up treated her with pencillian. Then she stopped eating any grain but still drank water and hay. We gave her probiotics and vitamin b. Her appetite for grain improved a tad. She was starting to gain weight again. Then two night ago it got below freezing. She went down on her side away from her heat lamp. We found her in the morning still alive but barely

We propped her up under the heat lamp and wrapped her in a blanket. My daughter made a hay nest around her. I ran to the vet to get the thyamine injections and special electrolytes. By the time I got back she had rolled on her side again. We propped her up she screamed and lost consiousness briefly. She came back around and we gave her a syringe full of the electrolyte. She swolled it. Within a few minutes she was gone. It’s just like she gave up. I can’t realize shes really gone yet. I listen for her voice when the others call. Its like a note missing in a melody.

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