New Meat Rabbit

So a friend told me about a buck (male) rabbit that they had at the pound and that no one wanted to adopt it. She sent me a picture and immediately I knew it was a New Zealand white or a cross. But it had a dulap! (the skin pouch that hangs under the chin). I knew that was a doe (female) trait so I asked are you sure its a boy? Yes, she assured me three people sexed it.

So I headed over with a crate to pick up the poor “boy”. I hadn’t planned our raising rabbits again yet since we lost our others in the heat over a year ago. As soon as I saw him I laughed. I knew automatically it was a female. We loaded her in the crate. She’s very tame. She’s a big girl! A lot bigger than a standard New Zealand white. After a little research we discovered shes probably a “Altex” rabbit or whats called a M60. Our tiles are 12″ square and here she is kinda sitting on her hips so shes not even her full length here. We named her “Aggie” of course.


Texas A&M developed a breed of rabbit after selective breeding for a commercial meat rabbit. Not a show rabbit. They bred for being better able to handle heat and humidity, better feed efficiency, and longer body for more loin rather than the cobbier body style of common Californian or New Zealand meat rabbits.

We hope to find a buck for her so we can start breeding to get meat again. Not anything as big as we used to have years ago but its a start. And the cooler months give me time to develop a cooler set up for them come summer. Shes in a crate now and the rabbit hutch I was going to repurpose is now going to be a rabbit hutch again after some repairs.


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