Farm or Circus Act?

Just in case you thought my house was boring… Here’s what happened yesterday. I picked up a free mille fleur banty rooster to service our girls and then swung by the pet store to get my daughter an algae eater fish with some of her money. Then as I’m heading home I giggle to myself as I think about all the things I’ve transported but the combination of a fish and a rooster cracked me up.

We got home and the rooster went straight to the girls who froze still. Didnt know what the heck was going on. THEN we hear crowing coming from the backyard. The little guy was in a crow off with another roo. Thing is its a hen that was crowing! We had an undercover brother. Shes a man baby! Was a white hen that was actually a rooster that fooled us. By having new testosterone around he revealed himself. Well we named him Dumpling and now hes in a pen so he can get special feed for a while.

In the meantime the new banty roo is yelling in the front yard. PK one of our barn cats thinks he doesnt belong here so hes chasing him out of the yard. Ack! Bring back my rooster! So we pinned up the rooster overnight in a pen on the ground so the other pets will know he belongs here. We let him loose this morning. 

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