Robin the Boy Wonder Repurposed Tshirt Costume Part 1





Here is the process for my son’s Robin costume made out of t-shirts. Check back for an update because its been very busy around here and finding spare time is always a challange. I’m getting excited its really turning out great. I admit not all my plans do.

I started out with a size 7 green t-shirt. My son is actually wearing a size 5T or 6 so he will be able to wear this a while and the bigger neckhole makes it easy for him to pull it on like a body suit when legs attached.

I then bought just the right shade of yellow long sleeve t-shirts in a women’s 2X. I cut off the arms at the shoulder seam. I then cut straight up the front of the now tank shirt. I then cut right under the seam of the neckline to the shoulder. Now what was the neckline is now the ties for the cape. Then cut diagonally on each side to make it look more cape like on sides. So easy I think I will make lots of different colored capes this way.

Back to the green t-shirt. I had him put the shirt on and checked against a Robin photo the angle of the hip portion of the bodysuit. I marked it then took off shirt the cut it in a v shape at bottom. You can just fold shirt in half longways to check its the same. Have him try back on shirt, checking its right against Robin photo. Adjust if needed. Handsew crotch front to back.

Then take yellow sleeves you cut off the 2X shirt. Pin it to the now angled legholes on the green tshirt making sure right side to right side. Handsew sleeves which are now pant legs on. Have child try it on. Ta dah!

Oh he’s really getting excited now! I’m thinking I might make some PJ’s like this too for him. Ideas for later. Looking at photo again we see Robin has a red vest. I found a red size 6 t-shirt. I folded it in half longways and traced the rounded design of the bottom of the vest. I then cut it out and also cut off sleeves since its suppossed to be a vest.

Now the details! Stay tuned to your Bat channel to see how it turns out!

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