Repurposing T-shirts Into Kids Costumes



My kids love dress up. We don’t celebrate Halloween but there is a few fall events were kids can dress up. They love to use their imagination and I really need to start building their dress up supplies back up. I think they are getting a little tired of cowboy, pirates and army. I seriously am happy the pirate phase has passed for now. They kept burying things in the yard.

The two oldest boys are going to be Batman and Robin. Not sure about the baby yet. I was attempting to make a paper mache Batman mask but then decided against it since it would not be durable overtime since it will be played with almost daily. My oldest son took his birthday money along with some allowance and bought a Batman cape and mask.

Since my son is “husky” for his age costumes are hard to find. Let alone ones that are not scary. I improvised by getting some grey leggings in the ladies department. My daughter just happened to have a t-shirts in just the right shade of grey. I painted a yellow oval on the chest with acrylic paint and then painted the bat symbol with shiny black fabric paint. Just hopefully it won’t have to be washed before the Fall Festival. We will deal with if it fades in wash later.

Here he is proud with the shirt and leggings together. I added a stretch ladies belt. I’m still figuring what I’m gonna add to the belt for accessories. I am gonna make black felt spats to slide over his ankles to make it look like boots. We have black gloves but I might make felt wristbands to look more like Batman.

Oh and I let him wear a pair of his black briefs over his leggings for the picture but I think I’m gonna alter a pair of my daughters black knit shorts instead. But seriously why do superheros wear their underwear outside their pants anyway?

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