Temporary Nighttime Lodging



My hubby is having some heart issues past few days so he hasn’t been able to fix the fence so those dogs don’t come back. They have been back every night. We aren’t getting much sleep. Scott or I runs out with the gun looking for the dogs. They seem to run off when they hear the door or at least hide real good.

Last night we got so tired of stalking around outside when we wanted to be asleep in bed we instead started throwing M-1000 firecrackers out the back door. Those really do sound like gunshots haha!

Anyway until Scott is strong enough to do some fencework we have had to change up the animals nighttime lodging. The ducks we are trying to train them to go into the kennel at night. We adopted my daughters boxer out so seemed like a good pen to put them in. Retraining them is a problem.

The ducks have developed a pattern overtime. At nightfall they go to sleep in the pasture between the two pens. Well now thats not safe. They are a lot smarter than you think. It takes at least two people to do right now. But we did learn they are scared of a flaslight beam. So we just swing the beam in the direction we don’t want them to go.

First hurdle is getting them out of the pasture to the backyard. Next to steer them in the right direction to the kennel. Sometimes that takes a trip all the way around the house or two. When we finally steer them in we reward them with treats. Tonight it was leftover chicken enchiladas, rice and torn up wheat bread. Hopefully we will get the fence fixed soon so they can enjoy their freedom again.

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