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I am not a decorator. That is not my gift. “Southern Engineering” by necessity is. I’m just not very girly. Practical and functional interests me more. That being said an odd feeling hit me and I had the gumption to pretty up my room a bit. Here’s the result.

We had a curtain pinned up with quilt pins on the wall. Used to have a nice metal curtain rod but one of the kids yanked it down horsing around one day. Just never got around to rehanging it.

I found a set of moss green velvet curtains in with some yard sale leftovers. I thought they’d look great in my room. I then stole the boy’s quilt rack shelf out of their room. They are wanting a jet plane decor in their room anyway so they won’t mind.

I hung the curtain on the quilt hanger rod and mounted it up above the window. Nice!!! Still looked too plain. I found the willow wreath I wove last year. Hmm this might work. I then took a necklace with natural beads and wrapped it around. I then hung with a tiny piece of white ribbon from the quilt rod in center of curtain. Very Nice!

Still what should I put on the shelf? Ugh. This is getting hard. I dug in my closet and found a grey and blue clay oil lamp. I set it in the center. I then put my wooden pot maker on the left. You make seed pots of of newspaper with it but I like its simple wooden form. Now what?

I found four glass tea candle holders. Hmm. Still need something on other side and something to set between. I took a nap with the baby hoping it will come to me. Maybe I’ll take a walk in a bit and see what I can scrounge up in the yard.

I found a metal knob to a daybed we no longer have and a wooden toy block in the yard thats been weathered. I glued the knob on top of the block. I then added willow twigs and some orange tiny led string lights I found in the yard sale leftovers. It still needed something more so I took apart a small fall swag I had an added some of that stick material. My daughter added a few fake fall leaves for more color. Not a fan of them but shes right it did need more color. Looks great!

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  1. Looks good, and it’s free…can’t beat that. Sometimes just a small change can cheer ya up.


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