Homesteading Kitchen Clutter



We live in a mobile home and when it was remodeled before we bought it they didn’t put in enough cabinets. Storage is a big issue when homesteading. You have equipment for butchering, processing, canning, drying, milking, baking etc. And then storing all those precious canned goods and bulk baking supplies!

I always laugh at those little houses posted on the homesteading Facebook posts. Minimalism. Well. Isn’t possible in the kitchen for a self sustaining household.

I haven’t done as much “processing” this past year because of the drought and being pregnant and then having baby. So I removed the mixer, blender, the apple corer/peeler and our almost wore out salad spinner that is amazing for getting the sand off the fresh lettuce and put them under the counter behind the canned goods.

We keep our backup stock of canned goods, boxed and jarred items in tall filing cabinets and under bed in my bedroom anyway. I moved our food safe 5 gallon buckets of rice and beans to our closet which is not insulated well but since its getting cooler weather now its fine.

I dream of having a kitchen hutch one day like a McDougal Hoosier cabinet to hide stuff away but still being functional. Here are two pics I found of ones I like. I love the enameled cabinet top. Easy to clean.

I also want to get rid of the microwave cart and have a microwave/vent a hood over our propane stove installed so its nit on the counter anymore. We don’t have a vent installed. They covered it up when they remodled. But someone gave us a stainless vent a hood so hopefully my hubby will hang it soon.

I hang all my pots. Most cast iron or stainless on a iron pot rack. We had someone come in an reinforce the ceiling so it could hold the weight. The pot rack really helps. That leaves one small cabinet to hold all the pyrex, mixing bowls and baking pans. Its a mess. All cookie sheets, stonewear and cooling racks go on bottom of microwave cart. It always looks cluttered no matter how its stacked. This is where the hutch would become useful.

Above the fridge is a rough area too. As for now I keep my crock pot and the two rice cookers up top along with our big griddle. It gets dusty up there quick so to use anything it has to be rewashed everytime.

Still trying to decide what to keep on the counter. I think I’ll just keep our toaster, coffee pot, sugar canisters and the storage crocks for out utensils. I gotta find a home for our dish drainer. I’d like to hang it on backside on hooks under sink but its too crowded under there. Sigh.

Oh and where do you ask do we keep our extra canning jars and our 16 qt canner? Canner is hung by a wire loop in the top of the shed. Jars are kept without rings in crates under the front porch. Its slab so it does get dusty but not filthy. It’s not great but it works. Rings and lids we keep inside the house in a two gallin storage bag.

If you have any other questions about kitchen storage or even better SOLUTIONS to a small house kitchen storage let me know.

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