Sat Sept. 15, 12




Today I got a lot done. Can’t even remember it all. Lol! I caught up the few last loose chickens. At least I think I did get all of them this time. I am going to sell the roosters and keep the four hens. I am having second thoughts and might keep one of the dominequer roos to mate with the two dom girls.

I know for a fact I have two buff orphington hens, two dominequer hens but theres a few more I’m not sure what sex they are. Still kinda unisex looking so those I’m keeping for now. I really need more laying hens!

Today my daughter and I also started to paint the rent house master bathroom. It’s really starting to look nice. I can’t wait to get it rented. Praying for the right family to come along. Still got a lot more to do.

My hubby did some painting too. He started up painting the porch again. It either was too hot or he was working before now so he couldn’t finish it. While I’m at church with the older kids he is staying home to paint in front of the front door. Well that and the other reason he can’t go is because my van out of gas and his car isn’t and it only seats five.

Oh and my daughter cleaned out my van today. It looks amazing! Oh and check out my new green, wireless carpet vacuum! Great for getting all those tiny crumbs out of the van carpet! Yeah my hubby wasn’t pleased. Hey the chicken didn’t mind at all. ;p

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