Busy Weekend




Wow! You sure it was only two days? We decided friday night to have the yard sale Sat morning. Two of our neighbors were having thiers so we decided it was the best time. It was exhausting. It wasn’t very busy but we made enough we hope to pay our light bill, well most of it anyway.

We sorted through a lot of the stuff and set at the end of our room for “freecycle”. Was a ton of stuff but what good is it if we can’t store it and it gets rained on. From what I saw a lot of our neighbors loaded up on a bunch of stuff. Which makes me happy it went to good use. I gotta finish packing up the rest to save for another day to either do a sale at the flea market or at a friends house.

My infant son has been sick. I’m thinking ear infection so I stayed home from church with him. When the rest of family got back from morning service and the potluck after the boys and I wiped down the walls in the kitchen and scrubbed and mopped the floor. Now its lemony fresh!

My hubby and daughter headed to the rent house across street and did some cleaning. They got a lot done in just a few hours time. They came home cleaned up and off to evening church activities. The baby’s fever wasn’t as high this evening but I’m still calling doc in morning. I did get a third of the livingroom deep cleaned while he was asleep. Now just to finish before it all gets a mess again.

Its a busy week ahead. Lots of appointments for three of the kids. More phone calls to find and set up services for my 8 year old son. It’s late Sunday night and as I hear the washer running the last load I think “Man, am I blessed!”

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