Watch for Snakes

Last night a friend came to visit. I guess it was about 8:30 & we headed out back for her to visit the goats. She used to live near us and the remembered her voice. Anyway we headed out with a flashlight and I was out walking barefoot as usual. I opened the pasture gate. My friend was holding the light and yelled “Stop!”

I stopped and there a few feet in front of me was a 2 1/2 ft fat rat snake. She shooed it off. She was walking beside me and we took maybe three more steps and Whoosh! one shot past us like a missle. As we turned the beam of light to the left all we saw was about a foot of tail heading under fence and right by our Pyrennes legs! He was not fazed a bit which led me to believe they are a common site to him.

We carefully headed back to the house and I tell ya that was the last time I’m headed out barefoot without a flash light again! I found out since we had a lot of rain a few months ago and now everything dry the snakes are looking for water. And since the sprinkler was on earlier in day and there was still puddles on the ground it attracted them.

So watch out! The snakes are moving. Just thank God these were only rat snakes!

Here is a good link for learning difference between rat snakes & copperheads–How-To-Tell-the-Difference

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