New Rent House Drama 7/27/12


So before I get too behind and not know where to start we started a new project. The across the street neighbors where about to go into foreclosure. We worked out a deal with the finance company and the owners to take over note. They both agreed to transfer deed to us. Since house in both their names it turned quite difficult compounded by the fact they both were having bad drug issues and other drama in their lives.

So we finally got both to sign the deed transfer in front of a notary. He filed papers immediatly. Trouble over right? Not even. They had taken or sold most all the big furniture. Everything else was left. Wow, its a lot of stuff!

Seems their “friends” knew it too and before we owned the house we watched their “friends” come and go taking things. Nothing I could do. Well within the hour the deed transfer was filed, there was a strange car in the driveway. Two of their friends were in the house trying to steal a cast iron ceiling fan! I ordered them out and hope to never see again. Hubby immediately went to get new locks for the house. While he was putting them on another “friend” stops by asking “what ya gonna do with this or that?” Ugh for real!!!

Well new locks on door and two papers signed by past owners saying they would come friday and saturday. He did not show up today! At 11pm they call to say they will be here at 8am. We will see. I want them gone so we can get place rented asap!

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