Spiders & Chickies


So many spiders out right now. I like to leave them alone as long as they aren’t black widows and they stay outside where they belong. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many wolf and garden spiders as I have this year. The wolf spiders I mistakingly called tarantulas when first moving here. They are huge! They are feeding on the abundant grasshoppers and crickets we have this year. Everytime I mow they come running out of the grass. I just haven’t had one run up my leg yet, thank God.

Mama Chicky has her little ones roaming all over the front yard now. They are learning to hunt bugs. One little one caught a big black spider and then ran around with it in its mouth like it was yelling “Mine! , Mine!” I tried to get a better pic but this is the best I could do.

It was so excited. The spider was as big as its little head. It was running in circles with its sisters and brothers trying to steal it. The pic I took was when it dropped the spider and a sibling ran in to help eat it quickly before the crazy lady with the cell phone camera caught them. I wonder if I can get pics of the spiders.

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