Catching Up 6/29/12

Been so busy around here. Where to start? Well I guess I’ll start with what’s biggest on my mind and that is I’m sick in bed. I haven’t taken good care of myself and overdid it a time or two this week and made my immune system really low. I have an impacted tooth and high fever. Got meds tonight so hopefully back to normal very soon.

I can’t even remember all we’ve done past week. Scott started on stripping the deck. Yeah the one we just painted with latex stain! It wasn’t curing right so the company is standing behind their product and gonna replace with oil stain and even provided use of a power washer to remove the latex stain. Depresses me to see the bare wood again.

I mowed our neighbors yard. We live on a cul de sac and they are going through divorce and neither one living there full time. So I went and mowed for two hours with a few water breaks. Yeah that was stupid, but it looks better. We mowed our yard last monday. Hubby even moved some poles and other junk and we were able to reclaim another 5 ft on the side yard. Who knew our yard was so big?

I also gave up temporarily on a long term shade solution to chicken pens and bought a tarp for the smaller chicken pen. It will be ripped to shreads within days with our wind. No matter if its a 10 mm heavy duty tarp or not. I hung another tarp and bought a baby pool for one of our dogs. My neighbor gave me her old trampoline so gonna use is as a shade cover too. Stay tuned for that post. Gotta get myself healthy first.

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