What Our Day is Like






I haven’t updated our daily chores in over a year. This is a sample of our chores in the summer.

Kids wake us up at latest 6:30am. No need for an alarm. Get up change and feed baby. Drinking coffee on porch around 7:00 (see pic). Hubby then goes milks goats (he feeds them in the stanchion). I start on a project while its cool, like mow part of yard, weed garden, clean porch or yard etc. I am helping oldest son put plastic mesh on the pasture gate so the ducks and chicks don’t get out into the front yard. (See pic)

Our kids help us on the farm. We start them young creating ways for them to help. Our six year old is watering the flowers right now. My daughter is doing something in the house. And the eight year old is putting the mesh on like I stated before. It’s important to get as much work done as we can before the heat sets in.

After hubby milks goats, one of us heads inside to strain the milk. He then heads out to clean water troughs and feed. It’s important with any animals on a “hot feed” (high protein) to not be fed in heat of day, can cause them to overheat and die quickly. Learned the hard way on that one. Here is the chicks I had traded for two turkeys. They’ve really grown. Notice the two buff orpingtons. They are almost full grown! We moved them to the big pen after this pic was taken.

After all the waterers and water troughs filled with fresh water and everyone fed. He starts on another project before it gets any hotter. This morning we trimmed the chicks wings. Look at the mess of trimmed feathers (see pic) By this time heat is starting to set in. This morning he is helping daughter clean out and organize our storage shed.  Ack! It’s a mess. (see ugly pic) I’ll post another photo when its done.

When the heat gets too hot (usually abt 11am) for us to stand we head in to work on household chores or run errands in town. Hubby is still looking for a full time job. He will usually schedule interviews during this time of day or head to Workforce office to search jobs.

About 4 or 5pm we go out and refill empty waterers. They go through an amazing amount of water in the heat. Once the triple digits set in in the next few months we run sprinklers a few times a day to wet the pens down to give the animals some relief. Dogs will get ice blocks in their water troughs.

7 pm is where it cools off enough to get busy again outside. Hubby will milk goats again. All animals feed checked. The baby poultry need to have feeders refilled now. Always empty by this time. Someone has started dinner by this time. We use the grill almost every day in the summer. The rest of us work on a project outside or finish a project we started earlier in morning. We head in to eat about dusk. Get kids ready and in bed after dinner. If we aren’t too exhausted we will sit out on the porch and relax after a long hot day.

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