Sick Chick


Today my son found an older dominequer chick laying weak in the chick n hutch. It is lethargic and very thin. I can’t say how long its been there. Its been a crazy weekend so its literally been feed and water and run on to the next project.

I assume the got injured or maybe weak and just stopped eating and drinking. Its been really hot too so thankfully she was in shade of hutch. We brought her in and since she will not eat or drink on her own I gave her a few ccs of sugar water by syringe. I’m soaking some chick grower in some sugar water and will try that once it becomes a thin gruel.

Sometimes chicks just don’t want to live anymore for some odd reason. So if she wants to make it we are here to help as best we can. I am keeping her in a plastic tub in the house and going to give her a few ccs of water or gruel each hour.

Update: within the hour she passed away. Lesson is always check your livestock few times a day. Once not enough to spot early signs of distress. But also know it is common for some poultry to just for some odd reason stop eating and quickly waste away.

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