Ducklings Out & About


I opened the door to the creep pen the ducks had been living in last night. They didn’t realize it till this morning. And there is proud papa Grey leading the helm like a shepard to his flock of 14. The ducklings are now the size of a regular wild mallard at a little over two months old. And they will get a lot bigger! Rouens get up to 12 – 14 lbs and they are about half that now.

All day long we watched Grey his head high looking so regal and proud of his young ones. Almost like he hatched them himself! The ducklings ran to and fro almost like “look at this” & “wow, what’s that!” During heat of day they even headed back to the cool of their hutch. Really hoping they keep doing that and not a fluke thing.

This afternoon my phone was on charger so I couldn’t take pics. Was so hard not to be able to show you the funny sight I was seeing. The ducks were near the fence and the goats distracted so quietly slipped a pan of feed under the pasture fence to them for a snack. All it took is for one to see it then it was feeding frenzy. Ducks standing on each others backs trying to get a better shot at the food. You’d have thought they were starving to death!

Grey looked on perturbed I distracted his young’uns. See Grey doesn’t eat feed. He likes grass and bugs only. Too good for plain old feed! Grey got bored of waiting so he walked to the nearby round water trough and jumped in to wade and bathe. Grey doesn’t have to use the brick steps we made for him last year when he was a baby. He just jumps straight over the side.

A few of the ducks saw him wading around and peeked over the rim and could just grab a sip of water if they stretched their neck just right. The other ducks finished eating and gathered with the others pacing around the large round water trough. You could just see the gears turning. “How’d he get in there?” “Where’s the door?” Grey seemed to be beconing “Come on in the water is fine!”

Two smart ducks found the brick steps and up the hopped to drink bigger mouthfuls of the water. I held my breath hoping they would jump in. Nope they jumped down. Darn. A few more jumped on the bricks then back down, then up again, gaining courage and knowledge. I had long since learned don’t “help” by throwing them in. It will only scare them away.

I kept watching them all still pondering on how Grey got in there still hopping up and down the steps. Then one duckling got knocked in the water. He flipped out flapping around scared out of his mind he couldn’t touch the bottom and was quickly looking for the exit. The other ducks were watching intensly. That duck finally fell off out the side and another duck climbed the steps jumped in the water and did the same “AHHHHH!! I can’t touch the bottom!” and quickly jumped out.

I am laughing out loud at all their antics wishing I had someone to share this with. You never know when you will need a full charged phone to take a quick pic. Here is a photo of them last night when I opened their door for the first time.

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