Augustus & The Egg Switcheroo



Today other than staining & sealing front porch I went to pick up a mille fleur rooster and some hatching eggs. Cesear the serama roo hasn’t figured out his job with the ladies yet. He is almost 7 mo old. Maybe he’s a late bloomer. Nonetheless we needed a banty roo to service our two girls. I didn’t care the breed, we just keep bantys for comic relief.

The rooster is a pretty boy almost a year old and feisty but not mean. We decided to name him Augustus, still going through our emperor theme with the banty roos. We also got some fertile banty hatching eggs to put under Mama Chicken. Will talk more about that in a bit.

As the lady was catching the roo my oldest son thought they were cochins because they were feather footed. He has his heart set on having a pet cochin. The lady was so sweet she went to another pen and picked out a cochin hen just for him! Wow!!! Made this little boy’s day. He named her Pretty Penny. You might remember he had the sweetest rhode island red hen one that got killed by our neighbors dog named Penny. So now he has a pet cochin named Pretty Penny.

He talked to her in her cage which sat on the floor by his seat the whole way home. He then got her out, sat on a rocking chair on the porch petting her till both looked like they would fall asleep. Pretty Penny is now in the pen with Cesear and the leghorn hen.

Now on to Mama Chicken. Mama Chicken is an old english banty hen we can most guess as her breed. She is charcoal grey and is quite hilarious. She loves to talk to herself, and doesn’t put up with any cats getting near her nest. She is quite tame and loves her treats. Rolled corn or raisins are her favorites.

Mama Chicken had hatched chicks a few years ago when we had a banty roo named Napoleon. Since Napoleon passed away in a tragic accident (his tail feathers froze in an ice puddle keeping him stuck in place before anyone found him) poor Mama Chicken has done her best to sit and hatch unfertile eggs.

When I find her sitting I remove the dud eggs few by few until she has no more or else she will still be sitting on a pile of rotten eggs. I feel horrible for her. Her most recent nesting spot is underneath the first porch step. We lured her out with some rolled corn then quickly removed her eggs and replaced with the fertile mille fleur eggs. After she ate she went back to sit on her nest. Here’s hoping!

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