Hot day & a Little Education

Today was a busy day. After seeing daughter off to youth camp, the baby’s 4 mo doc appt and a quick grocery run I hurried home hoping to get a nap in before some daily appts. Wasn’t to happen. The guy that was suppossed to pick up Fudge (the baby donkey) this evening rudely showed up at 1:30. The heat of the day! He said reason he was early was because he finished his chores early. Who does that?!

Thank goodness my hubby had just walked in the door, but he was none to pleased to stress out an animal by moving them in the heat. Fourty minutes later hubby is in the door overheated and soaked in sweat. I was so angry I stayed inside to not risk saying the wrong thing.

Poor hubby wasn’t done with the heat yet. It was now 99 degrees in the shade. I know because I heard a truck and walked out on porch to see the guy who was here to give us a quote on digging out our pond was here. Here’s a guy that keeps an appt. Very nice guy and works for only $50 an hour!!!

He and Scott walked around pond, examined dam and the ditch then came back to tell me their findings. Over some cold water and under the shade of the porch we talked and learned a little.

Seems after review of some photos of the flooding and viewing the land our problem can be helped by extending dam to keep water from flowing behind. The ditch we have for drainage to bar ditch is backflowing into our pasture instead of draining out like originally designed. He suggested we call county have them dig out their ditch at the road. I hadn’t even thought of that. I just thought digging it deeper was all we needed.

He also discussed why the water is going down so fast. The willow trees are water hogs and just sucking it dry! It makes sense now that he’s mentioned it. He suggested knocking down most of them just leaving a couple for shade for the goats. He also said our type of dirt could be a problem but he won’t know for sure until he gets down into it. Hopefully he hits a lot of clay not more sand.

He suggested we truck in bentonite and have it spread out once pond dug out to hold water. I have heard about it before. He said you can get it from a well company for free just pay for someone to haul in. We asked how many loads. He guessed round about eleven. Yikes!!!!

So I broke it down into priorities. Although it would be nice to have a pond year round to grow fish and let me kids fish in that is not the top priority. The priority is flood control. The problem is just going to get worse. Not only does it cut down on grazing land it also increases the worm load in our goats when they graze. It’s not all as asthetic thing it’s also a health thing.

We were up front with the guy and let him know we aren’t able to do this soon. Even though his quote is cheap. He figures he can accomplish it all digging out pond, extending dam, removal of willow trees from dam in 12 – 14 hours. Can’t beat all that for about $600. Maybe once hubby gets a job again we can save up to do it this fall. But if anything now we know what needs to be done and how much it would cost.

Updated 6/5/12 to say County.Commissioner came by this morning and looked at ditch. Said his guys would come out and mow and dig out ditch, of course no charge to us. Yeah!

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