A Little Fish Savin’

Was not sure what to title this post. Haha. Yesterday afternoon a friend’s family came over. They brought a cast net and a big rolling cooler to rescue the small minnows and fish to place in their aquaponics tank. The deepest part of the pond is now a tad over a foot deep.

When I stocked the pond in february we had hoped this would be the year we would get enough rain and the water would stay in the pond. Was not to be. At least some of the little fish will be saved.

My friend’s husband worked hard casting that net over and over. Each time pulling in 5 – 20 crawdads! Eventually they caught 3 of the palm size larger fish but none of the flathead minnows I knew were in there. The net was too small to catch them.

Soon two neighbors came to their back fence wondering what we were doing. I yelled “Hey you got a net?” One yelled back “Sure do!” I then said simply “Wanna come play?” Haha! He ran and got a long black horizontal net with a pole on each end. The two guy waded out in the muddy water circled around and then pulled the net back to the bank.

Tons (well close to it it seemed) of crawdads were pulled up each time. Along with hundreds of orange flathead minnows each time. My boys had come out by now and they helped grab the little minnows and the crawdads putting each in their own bucket.

In no time at all the guys were exhausted from trudging through the mud and we all stopped to look at the haul. Half a 5 gallon bucket was full of crawdads before we added more.water. Uncountable minnows went along in the rolling cooler with my friend. The crawdads were rewarded to the two very happy neighbors. And only one person had a snake crawl across their leg in the pond. Fun was had by all humans anyway. Hopefully the minnows will be happy in their new home. Not so happy ending for the crawdads.

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