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This morning I was drinking coffee when I spotted out the back window two ducks beside our duck pen. Whoa! First thought was some ducklings got out, they are rather large now, but then I noticed the bright orange bill. I called the kids to.come look. My camera phone doesn’t have zoom and tends to make pics look further away than they really are so I sent my daughter out to sneak as close as she could to get pics to identify them. The first picture is from the house back window. Its a bad picture but at least you can see where they were in comparison to other pens. Then a nice pic my daughter took at the backyard fence.

First she came around corner of house. They saw her but didn’t spook. Even came closer by walking halfway to turkey pen! Eventually she stood up and still they didn’t spook! Either they are.tame or don’t know to be afraid. A few minutes passed and a few more ducks flew over and off this pair flew!  So cool!

We believe them to be black bellied whistling ducks. Here is a link to learn more about them http://www.ducks.org/hunting/waterfowl-id/black-bellied-whistling-duck 

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