Pond Drying Up



Well we have not had much rain this year. My pond is drying up quickly with the heat. I really had hoped this year would be different. We stocked pond with $30 worth of fish in Feb. (some flathead minnows, bream, some small perch and a couple crappie).

As you can see from the photos it has been reduced to a rather large puddle than a pond. It really needs to be redug deeper because of all the erosion. That chair blew in their earlier this spring. We thought we lost it in a storm since it was submerged for so long. But there it is clearly visible now. No one has been brave enough to wade out to get it because we currently have an infestation of watersnakes in the pond.

Nonvenomous ones blotched watersnakes and Yellowbellied watersnakes. The blotched are very aggresive! I’m trying to figure out a solution to controlling them. If anyone has an idea how to take care of them let me know.

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