Musical Pens


Today we moved the larger of the chicks I traded for the two turkeys to the medium size pen the two juvenile buffs are in. There is no top on it yet so gonna pray no hawk comes aling and makes them lunch.

We left the younger and quite smaller chicks in the brooder pen to grow a little more and get as much feed and water as they want and not get pushed out of the way by the big guys. I bleached their feeders and waterers and will clean their pen tonight after dinner.

We also moved the ducklings to what we call the “creep pen”. We use this pen when creep feeding baby goats. We covered entrance with a wire grate. By the way a few of the ducks are starting to quack. So cool how they do that overnight. They ought to be able to stay in this pen until they are big enough to release to free range.

I tried to sex ducks but they all seem to be getting the two tone chest feathers. Really hope all 14 are not female. That would be crazy if they were. I really hope thats not the case.

Update: Added pic a week later. They are huge!

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