Yard Sale Leftovers

The first rule of homesteading is being resourceful with what you have. I used to love to go yard saling.i even carried a cheat sheet of things we needed and measurements for doors or curtains, etc. Well we can’t afford to go yard saling anymore, well until hubby gets a job, and instead this brought on a new hobby for me that fits right in with homesteading, picking up yard sale leftovers.

Here is my process. I am on a few “freecycle type” sites. I post there and a couple local for sale sites saying I pick up yard sale leftovers. I don’t charge to haul stuff away and so far have been blessed not to get much junk. Also word spreads to others now that I’ve been doing it a while.

When we get the call we set up a time, usually its short notice. We take seats out of the van to make lots of room. We then head to their house. Most the time they have packed stuff for us. If not we help pack, bringing box of trashbags just in case they don’t have enough boxes.

We load van at tightly as we can and head home. We have a large covered porch so its a great place to sort. We unload van and then I get to sorting right away. I start a pile of all things our family can use and then box up or bag up like items and like sizes of clothes.

I keep a mental list from friends of what they need. Vicky needs baby blankets, bumbo seat and big baskets. Dorothy needs a walker. Christina needs curtains. I set it aside as I locate things they have asked for. Everything thats left I post on Freecycle or other give away sites.

I choose to not sell stuff because I think people expect that I don’t since they know I post on Freecycle so much. Also I think of this as a ministry in a small way. Getting clothes or household items into the hands of people that need and appreciate them.

Everything not picked up within a few days gets picked up by.a lady who takes everything and splits it up between two resale shops that benefit charity. I forgot to mention I toss all trashy items like worn out shoes, used toiletries and etc. So when she picks them up they are ready to be distributed.

Its a lot of fun. We get a lot of great things for family and nothing goes to waste. But remember if you do this do not hoard items, only take what you need. Creating clutter doesn’t help anyone. And why keep three grills if there is someone wishing they just had one.

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  1. Enjoyed your post and so glad to have found your blog. I’ve discovered a few other good ways to pass along yard sale leftovers. There’s ARC and the Vietnam Veterans of America who both come to your home and pick up your items.


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