Chicken Pen Cover Contest



I am running a contest. If you are local you win some homebaked goodies. If you win and not local you win some awesome bragging rights. Haha!

I am trying to brainstorm a cover for the chicken pen that is light weight, durable, not unsightly, provide shade, doesnt have to hold out water, protects from hawks and owls and is cheap or even better free.

Ideas I have bounced around are using pallets for top but thats too heavy. I tried using shade fabric but it would need a lot more support because it whips in our heavy winds, also its expensive to buy enough for rest of pen. Lattice will not work because it will take around 8 sheets. At $20 something a piece plus framing. Too high.

I also thought of putting cattle panels up top and interlacing something through like bamboo or chair webbing. But no source for bamboo and chair webbing is high for the amount I’d need and no idea how long it’d last in our very hot sun. I am very jealous of areas that have palm fronds. How simple would that be?!

So if you have any ideas, comment on this post. Thanks!

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  1. Posted by Deb on May 19, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    I have this problem too! Can’t wait to see the posts.


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