Turkey Barn Happenings



Heard a lot of hen “whistling” in the barn. I peek and see my hubby watering Trey and whistling to one of the turkey hens calling back and forth to one another. He has gotten really good at it. I couldn’t tell the difference. That’s Trey our mini alpine buck looking for treats.

The turkey hens are nesting in each corner of their side of barn. Two share a nest on the right. I was peeking to see how many eggs they have now. One got up and let me see. The other has been broody a little longer. I lifted her up gently and this is what I saw. She’s bald! Even her vent she plucked clean. I covered it with my hand to keep her modest Lol. I’ve heard of chickens doing it but haven’t seen them do it before.

I also heard this evening the turkey eggs I traded for the ducks are hatching right now. So far 12 out. Grandturkeys! Yeah I said that to my daughter she rolled her eyes. Haha!

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